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We are running continuous online courses in terms of webinars, a quick and exact presentation of the Ajour platform. Stay in your usual environment and participate online.

Available webinars

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Get trained in Ajour System

Since 2018 we have been holding our webinars, an initiative, with great success.

  • Improve yourself in setting up and carrying out digital quality assurance, inspection of defects and inspection notes.
  • You may also take part in the webinar on digital tenders and see how you may carry through online tenders in AjourTender quickly.
  • The Ajour mainstay is our projectweb, the AjourBox, therefore we present it in all our webinars. In here you may share case related documents and drawings freely with all parts of the construction.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our monthly training webinars.

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Ajour System has developed digital tools for the construction and property industry of which customers – constructors, consultants and developers alike speak highly. At Ajour System many of us are craftsmen ourselves with roots in the construction industry and we listen to and understand the needs of our customers.