Userguides for the Build platform

License types in Ajour System

Log into an Ajour System on the iPad app

Sidebar navigation on the iPad app

Changing project on the iPad app

Offline access and downloading files from AjourBox on the iPad app

Choose which project folders you wish to synchronize on the iPad app

Synchronize project on the iPad app

Project view on the iPad app

Registration screen on the iPad app

Create a registration on the iPad app

AjourFM on the iPad app

Add blueprints to project

Notification Emails

Inviting co-workers, subcontractors, or suppliers

Bidding on a tender

Printing a PDF of individual registrations

Register to another Ajour System with an existing license

Definition of registration types

Operation plan

Folder permissions inside AjourBox

Registration statuses and what they mean

Forwarded registrations

Approve or reject an issue

Adding a comment to a registration

Select and search in AjourQA

Approve and comment

Expanded filter

Search and select registrations

Print or make reports in Ajour

Creating control plans and checklists

Uploading files to AjourBox

Downloading files from AjourBox

General information on Ajour System

Create new BE-card

Process for BE-cards

Filling out a BE-card

BE-card reports

Download of tender material

Filling out and uploading of ESPD

Downloading the Ajour System app

Logging in to the Ajour app

Changing module

How to synchronize on the app

Creating a registration without drawing

Creating a registration with drawing

Filtration of registrations

Search on registration number

User creation in Ajour System

Logging in to an Ajour system

Move registration to a new drawing

Editing a photo on app

Add recipient to a registration

Add receiver using AjourInspect on web

Explaining the functions inside the administration module

Creating a new project

Editing an existing project

General information on AjourBox

Take part in a public tender

Take part in an invited tender

User administratorsĀ“ guide to shared licenses

Creating a tender

Creating a user

Follow-up of an ongoing tender

Explanation of user permissions in Ajour System

Create registration on Web

Change registration type on an existing registration

Change registration type on existing registration in App