Last modified: June 16, 2021

User administrators´ guide to shared licenses

This guide is for user administrators who handle license allocations and user access requests.

Regarding licenses shared between systems, it is important to know that the license belongs to the system that owns and pays for it. We call this the “Anchor system” and all other systems that receive a license shared from an “Anchor system” are called “Receiver systems”. Any system can be both an “Anchor system” and a “Receiver system”.

From here on the guide is told as a story based on a concrete example.

Receiving a user access request with a shared license

Daniel is the administrator at Big City. One day, he receives an email notifying him that Iver Mathiesen of Mathiesen Jord & Kloak A/S requests access to Daniel’s Ajour System: “https://uktest.ajourtest”.

The email contains a line that indicates that Iver Mathiesen brings his own license from “https://develop.ajourtest”, which means Daniel does not have to use any of Big City’s own licenses:

Daniel goes to manage the pending Access Request (Administration → Access request) and finds Iver’s:

Everything but Role and Company is locked.
For other access requests, only The users requested company and Access description from the user would be locked, and Daniel would be able to change the Name, Email, Title, etc.

The reason for this difference is that Iver’s account is tied to a shared license. The locked information will remain locked as long as the license is shared from “https://develop.ajourtest”.

Daniel has the option to deny the request, or approve it, once the correct Role and Company have been decided.

Once approved, Iver will receive an email with an initial password, welcoming him to “https://uktest.ajourtest”.

Administrating a user with a received License

At any time, Daniel can find Iver in the administration, to change Role and Permissions. While he is not allowed to change the license or informational details of Iver’s account, Daniel has full control over what Iver can or can´t do on Big City’s ajour system.

Remembering that Iver needed to work on plumbing for the building project “8302: 30 new apartments on Elm street”, Daniel gives him the permissions he needs to that just like any other user with a local license.

Curious, Daniel checks the current license usage by clicking “Show details” in the upper right-hand corner:

The usage of licenses is now counted in two distinct groups. First is “Owned”, the licenses in use on this system and is owned by this system – also known as a “local license”. Secondly, “Shared” shows how many licenses that are in use and are owned by other Ajour systems – these are licenses that Big City does not pay for or administer.

Administrating users with a shared license (on anchor system)


The new user-log shows the details of what happened to the user-account and who/what made the changes:

Stop using a shared license from anchor system on existing users on receiver system

At the time of writing only Ajour’s own support can do this.

Stop a shared license from anchor system to one or more receiver systems

At the time of writing only Ajour’s own support can do this.

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