Last modified: January 28, 2021

Summing and unit

Generally summing is where you set up which unit you wish to have in the tender list.   

The quantities you see when you mark a family or type originate from Revit except for “Not used for quantity” and “quantity”, AjourCollab generates these.    

Default unit is pcs/pic with the entry “Not used for quantity”. 

Set quantity

You are able to set the quantity to family level. Here, the underlying types will automatically be set with the same quantity, however, you may set one or more underlying types with another quantity.


Standard set up for units on a project are the unit settings that the Revit project has been set up with. You need to be an administrator to be able to set a unit on a project.

To set/change unit you need to navigate to “Administration” / “Projects” and select the project to which you wish to attach units.  

Under the project you must press the cog in the right-hand corner of the view.  

Scroll and change unit. Then press ”Save”. 

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