Last modified: January 28, 2021

Room QTO

You can watch our video about this function or read the article.

This is how you access Room QTO in Revit

Export to Excel

Go to the AjourQTO ribbon and select “Export to Excel”. Then two options appear, “Room Height” or “Wall Height”

If you select “Room Height”, it is the height from the parameter “Limit Offset” which is applied for the calculation

If you select “Wall Height”, it is the height of the wall which is applied to calculate the area

The picture illustrates how “Room Height” and “Wall height” are calculated

If “Room to Excel” is run before “Basic wall – Calc. Gross area” has been applied in the project, an information box with the message “Cannot find AjourArea” will appear. If the wished QTO needs to be with “Gross area”, press “Refresh” before export

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