Last modified: October 21, 2022

Registration statuses and what they mean

This section is about handling received registrations in AjourInspect / QA. Every day, being a user of Ajour System, you will receive an e-mail. This will inform you about registrations that you have not yet carried out. Registrations can be assigned several different statuses each assigned various colors as shown below

1. Created (Yellow)

This status covers all registrations created but not yet taken care of

2. Completed Registration (Blue)

This status is given by the receiver of the registration. This status shows that the receiver of the registration (contractor) has rectified the mentioned defect on the registration and reported it

Remember to add a photo of the rectified defect. (So that the sender can verify you being on-site to control the status before changing the status)

3. Rejected (Purple)

This status is also given by the receiver. This status is in the event that the receiver cannot accept nor wish to remedy the defect on the registration

Remember to add a comment about why you cannot accept the registration. (So that the sender knows why you are rejecting the registration)

4. Rejected Sender (Red)

This status is given by the sender when the receiver has reported a defect on the registration as rectified (Blue) or rejected (Purple), and the sender cannot accept the correction or rejection

Remember to add a comment about why you reject (So that the sender knows why you cannot accept the correction nor rejection of the registration)

5. Approved (Green)

This status is assigned by the sender. This is done after a defect has been rectified by the receiver. If the remedy is sufficient, the defect/problem will be accepted

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