Last modified: January 28, 2021

Register to another Ajour System with an existing license

This guide is for users who already have a licensed user-account on one Ajour system and want to use that license for accessing another Ajour system.

When sharing your license between systems, it is important to know that the license belongs to the system that owns and pays for it. We call this the “Anchor system” and all other systems, you share your license with, are called “Receiver systems”. Any system can be both an “Anchor system” and a “Receiver system”.

Let’s have a concrete example:
Iver Mathiesen works for Mathiesen Jord & Kloak A/S who has their own ajoursystem at: “https://develop.ajourtest”. Mathiesen Jord & Kloak A/S has been contracted to work on a building project by Big City Development who wants that every contractors and subcontractors use their Ajour system at “https://uktest.ajourtest”.

Iver opens his browser, goes to https://uktest.ajourtest, and clicks “Register” and tick’s the box “Do you already have an A/B user license you want to share?

As soon as the box is ticked, the form changes. Rather than his Name, the name of his company, and other details, it asks him for the URL of his system, his credentials for that system, and a description of his reason for registering so that uktest’s administrators can give him the desired permissions:

Remember to include ‘https://’ in front of the system name

When Iver clicks “Apply for license sharing”, uktest.ajourtest automatically contacts develop.ajourtest using the credentials Iver entered and retrieves all the information needed.

This only takes an instant and a green message informs Iver that the request has been processed successfully and that he will be contacted.

The user administrators of uktest.ajourtest receive an email notification about Ivers request which also describes that they don’t need to find an available license for Iver in their system since Iver brought his own from develop.ajourtest.

As soon as the user administrator approves the request, Iver receives an email welcoming him to uktest.ajourtest and an initial password for his account on their system.

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