Last modified: February 10, 2021

Process for Building Element cards

The project responsible is typically a consultant/project supervisor who will create the BE-cards necessary according to the requirements of the current project. A “Project Group”, “Name” and “Warranty responsible” for the BE-card are indicated

The status of the BE-card is now ”Yellow”. The BE-card has now been created – and named as a minimum

Warranty responsible is typically contractor who will fill out the BE-cards with the necessary information for the operation and maintenance of the BE and he will create components with an operation interval

The status of the BE-card is ”Blue” now. Activities and components have been entered into the BE-card

When the warranty responsible has finished filling out the BE-card correctly, he will complete the card

The status of the BE-card is ”Green” now. The BE-card has been completed and is ready for quality assurance and to be approved

When the BE-card has ”Green” status, the consultant / project supervisor will check whether the entered data meet the outcome requirements

If they do not, the discrepancy will be commented directly on the card, whereupon the BE-card is reopened and gets ”Blue” status again. Then warranty responsible may correct the card and complete it once again

If there are no issues with the BE-card, it will be closed/approved. The status of the BE-card is ”White” now. The BE-card is approved and closed – ready for operation

Now the BE-card can be found under “Operation Plan”

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