Last modified: February 10, 2021

Print or make reports in Ajour

The three report types

Detailed: Normally used for defects or supervision – all information is listed on one A4 page. Except for the checklist   

List: 4 issues or QA-registrations are listed on one A4 page. Like you see it on the screen

Customized: Normally used for issues or QA-registrations with a checklist. Here you can choose the data you want to add to the report   

Customized reports

1. Custom settings – click on “Customized” for further settings

2. Select settings. Here you can select whether the selected print or all registrations in the category ”Selected” are desired

3. Customized settings – here you can select what you want on the print-out. In the “Show checklist” you can select “Show only checked” if this is selected, only the checked items in the control plans for each registration will be shown

4. Here are 2 options: Either “Export to AjourBox” which will save PDF-files directly in AjourBox, or you may select “Print” which will generate a PDF-file for download from the notification area

Notification area and downloading the report

5. After selecting “Print” you can open the notification area

6. You can press the “Download” button to begin downloading your report

Note: It may take a little while before the report is ready, depending on the amount of registrations

Export to AjourBox

7. If you have selected “Export to AjourBox”, this window will appear. Here you may choose how the registrations are to be sorted in the print-out, for example at the project level or by category group

8. When the desired structure is selected, press “Next”

9. Select the folder to which the files should be exported

10. When the desired destination is selected, click “Export to AjourBox”. A folder will now be created in the desired folder with the selected structure

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