Last modified: November 30, 2021


  1. Create parameter
  2. Delete marked parameters
  3. Aggregate parameter
  4. Add or remove parameters that exists in the Revit model

Upon pressing Delete, you will be introduced to this screen

It will warn you if the parameter is used somewhere.

Create parameter

  1. Parameter type
    1. The custom parameter is the same as creating a parameter in Revit. Parameters, that you create, turn into a shared parameter.  
    2. Choose ”Model” and you will now see ”current models”, here you choose an existing parameter from the model that you wish to connect with AjourCollab. There will only be a parameter in the list if a model has been synchronized. Bear in mind that all parameters are visible and may be attached, yet only with in-built (e.g. Keynote) and Shared Parameter is it possible to synchronize from AjourCollab to Revit. If a parameter does not have a Shared parameter guid, it is either in-built or a project parameter.   
  1. Select which data type the parameter is to be.  
    1. Rules of data type: Data types at instance level yes/no, Integer, Number are to be created in Revit and cannot be synchronized from AjourCollab to Revit for scope “instance”. 
  1. If there are specific requirements to Shared Parameter ID, then you include them here. Remember to name, it must be the name of the specific Shared Parameter.   

Name and scope

Indicate name of the parameter  

Scope: Here you choose whether it should be an instance or type parameter.

Sync directions

  1. Here you choose which way parameter data is to be transported at synchronization.  
  2. Create in Revit: If you choose to create in Revit, the parameter will be created during the next synchronization in Revit.  

Value list

Here you choose whether a value list should be added to the parameter.   

If you choose one, you will be able to choose “Enforce value list”. If this is chosen, the user will not be able to write custom input in the parameter.   

Select categories

Choose which categories the parameter should be on

Parameter Revit plugin

See revit plugin article

Aggregate Parameter

This is a tool to streamline information from more parameters to an “aggregated parameter”, from here the term “aggregate” derives meaning aggregation, gathering, and catchment.

In AjourCollab terminology aggregate means to aggregate a value, therefore it is possible to choose which of the aggregate parameter sources is going to win if there are more values in the aggregated parameters which are part of the aggregate parameter.   

Choose ”aggregate parameter”. This is the parameter in which the aggregated values are gathered. Important – the ”aggregate parameter” must have the setting AjourCollab only (“AC only”) which you need to place under “Sync directions” – otherwise you will not find it on the list.

When you have chosen the parameter, you may now choose which parameter you wish as sources to the aggregate parameter. You do that with ”Add parameter”.  

You have the option to move up or down on the value of the parameter you wish should win in case one type has more of the parameters as well as values.  

Here you see the result of the setting of this example. The source parameters have different values and Aggr1 ranks highest and are hence set as a winner in a case like this. If there had not been a value in Aggr1, the value of Aggr2 would have made the aggregated value.  

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