Last modified: January 28, 2021

Instance QTO

You can watch our video about this function or read the article.

This is how you access Instance QTO

Selected to Excel

Mark one or multiple types in the project. Subsequently, you need to go to “Selected to Excel” and select a structure for export in the dropdown-menu


1. Here you see which export template is active for editing

2. Here you select the export template which is to be active for editing. If you wish to copy, delete or create a new export template, this is where you do so

3. An Export template may have an Excel template attached. Browse, copy or open existing Excel template

4. If you wish to add a parameter, you may do so here

5. If you wish to remove a parameter, you may do so here

6. Sort the order by marking and moving the parameters

Excel templates

Are only applied to provide a great and graphic expression. To edit an Excel template, press “Open” in the settings window

In the template row 10 is applied for describing texts for the parameters in row 11

In the picture, you see the selected parameters which are to be part of the export template. The top parameter gets the placement A, the second at the top gets the placement B and the third gets the placement C, etc.

If you wish another order, the parameters are moved by “drag and drop” in the list

TIP: If you wish to edit an Excel template file from the Windows pathfinder, mark the Excel template, right-click and select open. The template files are placed here: C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\AjourQTO\Templates.

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