Last modified: February 10, 2021

General information on AjourBox

File area

1. The Global Area

The global folder is visible in all projects. Here you save company files/templates etc. You can drag and drop files/folders into the project folders or blueprints on projects. You need to have permission to see global folders, in principle, only the role of “Administrator” can see “Global Area”

2. Tender folders

The black folders are only visible if the tender module is added to your system. It contains the applicable tender for the construction project

3. Project folder

The top folder always has the project name. All your project files, documents, and drawings are stored here. Ajour has a general index you can implement by tapping the right mouse button and select import template

4. Blueprints / Registrations sheets

Here you create the project structure at the project level you wish, you can drag/drop drawings from your project folders to the registrations sheets folders – all sheets are new, independent copies 

1. “Menu” – here you set up the system

2. Here you can change the project you are currently viewing

3. If you have uploaded 3D / IFC files to the BIM-viewer, you can access the viewer directly here

5. File count

The numbers indicate which folders contain files and how many it contains. This can be useful to create an overview of where your files may be

Revisions / Versions

When uploading the same file, the system automatically recognizes the file name and gives the file a new revision letter and date

All previous revisions / versions can be accessed by clicking the file – “Menu” – “Revisions / Versions”

INFO: Revisions (Letters) are visible to all users. Versions (Numbers) are not visible to users with the role “Contractor”

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