Last modified: February 10, 2021

General information on Ajour System

This article will explain the general functions of Ajour System


The groups are used to group registrations or assignments for each registration type. The groups are used to group registrations into trade contracts or assignments for each registration type. The numbers in the upper right-hand corner of the tab indicate how many registrations each group contains

Click on a group (tab) to see the registrations for the group. Click the tab “All groups” to see the registrations for the selected registration type

The registration

The created registrations are available as schemes under each registration type. In each registration, you may see all below-listed elements depending on how thoroughly the registration has been carried out

1. Registration number – Consecutive number which is the ID-number of each registration. If the registration is deleted, the number vanishes. The numbers are unique and consecutive for each note type.

2. Picture/Photos – The number of pictures/photos made per registration may be shown. If you place the mouse on the picture, a screen tip is shown of how many pictures have been made. If you click on the picture, the picture opens up

3. Drawing / GPS – Click on “Drawing name” and see where the registration has been made. In the drawing one or more yellow markings are shown depending on how many markings have been set per registration. The number is the ID-number of the registration

4. Deadline (Only in AjourInspect) – Indicates the deadline for when the registration needs response at the latest

5. Category/list – Category/List makes out the topics/control issues that need to be reviewed during control. At the very top the “Group”, to which the category belongs, is placed. Then there is the “Category”, then the “List”. If there is a symbol with 3 horizontal dashes next to the “list”, it means that the list is a “checklist”. Click on the “checklist” symbol to see the control plan

6. Description of the registration – In the subject field the registration may be elaborated with a description

7. Comments – At the bottom of the description field “Most recent comment” to the registration is shown. The small icon to the right indicates how many comments there are to the registration. You may click the comment icon to see comments or to reply to them

8. Receiver and responsible – He who creates the registration / the note will always be “Responsible” (Sender)

“Receiver” (left column) (Only in inspect) is always, as a standard, set to the person who has created the registration / the note unless the “Responsible” (Sender) has added a “Receiver”

“Receiver” is responsible for replying and may either complete the report or reject by clicking “Done” or “Rejected”

“Responsible” is responsible for completing or returning the registration or possibly connecting a new receiver by clickling either “Complete” or “Not approved”

Search in registrations

1. Project folders – under “Project” you may select three underlying project levels. If the project has been structured properly from the start, you may search into the building project and thereby get real close to the placement at which you wish to observe the registrations

2. Groups – Click on a group in the tab to select a group. Click the tab “All groups” to see all registrations

3. Status – Click either “All”, “Created”, “Completed”, “Rejected”, “Not approved” or “Done” to select the status of the registration. It is possible to mark more statuses at the same time by clicking more buttons. When you have selected the registrations you wish, click “Get” in the registration table

Search topics in the registration table

1#Write registration numberClick “Get”
2Drawing / GPSWrite drawing name / GPS coordinateClick “Get”
3DeadlineSelect to and from the date in the pop-up calendar. Also, click the button “Show exceeded” to see which registrations have an exceeded deadlineClick “Get”
4Category / listSelect category, click “Expand filter” on the right-hand side of the screen above the search bar to select further below in the listsClick “Get”
5TopicWrite free textClick “Get”
6Receiver / responsibleSelect receiver / responsible company in the dropdown menu, click “Expand filter” to also select a specific user, and search on “from” and “to” dateClick “Get”
7ForwardedTo view forwarded registrations, simply click on the “Forwarded” button in the status overviewClick “Get”

Expand filter

  • Click on ”Expand filter” on the right side of the screen
    • “Include registrations from subfolders” – Shows registrations for all project folders
    • “Group by folders” – Registrations will be divided into project folders with a consistent bar
    • “Show only deleted”(Requires special user-permission) – Only deleted registrations will be shown
    • “Show registrations with comments” – Shows all registrations with attached comments
    • It is possible to search categories further down in the category hierarchy by using the dropdown under “Category/list”

Upon selecting search criteria, click “Get” before the registrations are shown. In the status overview only the registrations, which have been filtered, are shown. The filter can also be removed by clicking “Reset filter”

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