Last modified: October 20, 2021

Follow-up of ongoing tender

Filtering of tenders

You have the option to filter the offers that you wish to see. It can be an advantage if you have access to many projects and tenders.

Press “filter” to open the option to filter your tenders.

1. Search and choose which projects you want to see tenders from. If no tender has been created for a project, the project will not be displayed.

2. Filter by status or type/shape. Several options can be checked. If nothing is selected, all tenders will be displayed.

3. Sort by tender creation date, tender start date, or submission deadline. You can sort by date in both ascending and descending order.

4. Select whether the displayed tenders are to be grouped by projects or status. If “none” is selected, the tenders will be displayed according to the selected filtering.

5. You can save the selected filter so that it is the same view you get the next time you log in to AjourTender.

Press “filter” or “close filter” to close the filter window. The selected filter is now visible above the overview. You can reset the selected filter to display all tenders again.

Follow-up of on-going Tenders

In order to get access to release new tender material, press “Menu” and then “Edit“.

The 7 flags from the creation of the tender are now shown again and you can switch to flag no. 6, Material.

Select which folder you wish to upload new tender material to and press the “Upload” button. The system has automatic revision/version management, and new versions, which are uploaded, are automatically given the next revision letter in the line and updated date. (The system recognizes the file name, therefore to make the revision management work, the file name needs to be the same always).

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