Last modified: February 10, 2021

Filling out a Building Element Card

In the upper right-hand corner you will find the button ”Guide” which will take you through the filling out of the BE-card point by point

1. In the left side you will find basic information on the BE-card. Below you may read the descriptions to the different fields

BE-card numberThe ID of the BE-card you are creating or viewing32.1-1
StatusThe status the BE-card currently hasSee Process of BE-Cards for an explanation of statuses
Warranty start dateThe starting date of the warrantychoose a date in the calendar dropdown
Warranty end dateThe end date of the warrantychoose a date in the calendar dropdown
Operation start dateStart date of operationschoose a date in the calendar dropdown
Base data
NameIn the field name of the BE is indicatedVentilation aggregate kitchen
DescriptionComprehensible and sufficient description of the BEAggregate for ventilation control of the kitchen
PlacementWhere the BE is placedIn a technic room on the 4th floor
Application areaWhich area serves the BEKitchen at canteen
AmountIndicate amount in pcs., running meter, m2, m31 pcs
ProfessionWhich profession is this aimed atConstruction site contractor
Eletrical supply informationWhich supply board the building part is supplied with and where it is locatedElectrical switchboard #3 in technic room 01
Installation dateWhen was this installedchoose a date in the calendar dropdown
Energy ratingThe energy rating of the componentA2020, A2015, A2010, A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G
U valueThe component´s U-value0.20
Fire ratingThe component´s fire ratingREI 60 A2-s1, d0 – REI / El 30 A2-s1, d0 – REI / El 30
Serial numberThe serial number on the component
Expected lifespanFor how long is this BE expected to last6 years
Unit cost at constructionThe unit cost of the element2,000 DKK
Additional informationA guide to what the user should be aware of that is not necessarily warranty-related
Warranty responsibleContains information on the company/person responsible for the warrantyAjour System A/S
Operation responsibleContains information about the user responsible for the operation. The operator is automatically responsible for all job cards related to this building elementAjour System A/S
SupplierContains information about the supplier of the building elementAny supplier

2. In these fields, drawings, photos, and documents are associated. It is important that the files are named so that they describe what the file contains. Example: “Building project, 1st floor”, “Datasheet Icopal Top 500”

Drawings and photos must be comprehensive photos and drawings associated with each BE-card and it should provide an easy overview.
All documents must relate to the current BE-card


3. To add a new component, press the “Add component” button.

Component view

NameA name for the componentHinges and fittings
ActivityThe activity in which the component is involvedHinges and fittings are to be inspected at the most exposed places, all moving parts and surfaces are lubricated with acid-free oil twice a year
Serial numberThe serial number of the component so that it can be traced to a specific production for example
TypeWhich type does the component haveVelfac
ManufactureThe manufacture of the componentVelfac
Warranty and legal requirementsMark if this component is warranty-related or if it is a legal requirementYes, this component is warranty-related, no, it is not a legal requirement
AmountThe number of components, this can be in m, m2, pcs., m31,300 pcs.
IntervalHow often to perform the activity4 times per year
CostCost of performing the activity per task3,000 DKK
Materials requiredIf the task requires equipmentLadders, lifts, levers

When you are done filling out the BE-card, make sure you save the BE-card

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