Last modified: February 27, 2023

Explaining the administration module

Finding the administration module:

1.Ā Enter the administration module by clicking on the gear icon and choosing “Administration” from the menu.

The four main categories

These are the four main categories in the administration module:

  • User administration
  • Companies
  • Properties/Projects
  • System Settings (Only visible to users with the appropriate permissions.)

User Administration

2. Menu: Here you can edit existing users, see all access requests, filter by active and inactive users, copy all of the users’ email addresses and download a user list with all of your users’ information.

3. New: Here you can create a new user. Read more about user creation here.

4. Choose Project: Filter your users by project they have been assigned to.


5. Click on “Create company” to add a new company to your list of companies.

6. Click on an already existing company name to edit the information of that company.


7. Menu: Here you can filter your projects by active, inactive and type.

8. Create project: Here you can add a new project. Read more about project creation here.

9. Click on an existing project to edit the information for that project. Read more about editing an existing project here.

System Settings

This section is only available to users with the appropriate permissions.

10. Here you can change all general system information and logo. This information will be displayed on the main page, the login page and various PDF reports created in the system.

11. Click on “Save” to save all changes.

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