Last modified: January 28, 2021

Excel Live-Link

This is how you access Excel Live-link


Press the “Settings” button

Standard link-parameter such as “ID“, “Name“, “Family name” and “Type name” is assigned by ticking off in the check-box

Add link-parameter

Settings are divided in a way in which you can distinguish between in- and outgoing links. There are two ways of assigning a link parameter, either via a dropdown-menu or by assigning a custom parameter. In the dropdown menu you will find the parameters attached to the project

1. Add Custom. If you need to add a parameter such as e.g. “keynote”, apply the function “Add Custom”

2. Parameter Name: Here the user writes the name of the applicable parameter to which he/she needs to link

3. Subsequently the user needs to indicate whether the parameter is an instance or type parameter

4. When you are done, press “Add” to add the custom parameter

Delete parameter

A parameter is deleted by ticking off the parameter in the list and subsequently pressing Ctrl+Delete

Activate Live-Link

Either press “Excel to Revit” or “Revit to Excel” to activate the live-link. It is recommended to link only one way at a time. There is a limit of 20 different link values

“Excel to Revit” will activate the link from Excel to Revit. This means that when you are ticking off an object in Excel, it will also be ticked off in Revit

“Revit to Excel” will activate the link from Revit to Excel. This means that when you are ticking off an object in Revit, it will also be ticked off in Excel

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