Last modified: February 10, 2021

Download of tender material

1. Download of tender material

Tender material is seen under the tab “Tender materials”

The download all material at once by clicking the orange button “Download all tender documents”. The complete tender document folder is hereby downloaded as a .zip file or download a single file by pressing the file-icon

2. Tender details

Under “Tender details” the applicable tender details appear

Here is a link that you can use when filling out ESPD

TIP: read our ESPD-guide here.

3. Questions and correction sheets

Click the ”Questions” button to ask a question or see replies regarding the tender

All questions/replies are visible to all bidders and all bidders get a mail notification when a new question/reply is accessible

All info regarding the bidder (who is asking the question) is hidden to all bidders, but not to the tender administrator

TIP: remember not to end your question with “Best regards” (your name here). This is very important!

To see Revisited pages, click the button ”Revisited pages

Here you will see a list of all the revisited pages which the tender administrator has released

Each revisited page contains a description of the changes to the project

All revisited pages are visible to all bidders, and all bidders get a mail notification when a new revisited page is accessible

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