Last modified: February 10, 2021

Creating control plans and checklists

This section deals with the creation of control plans in AjourQA which are used for the contractor’s quality assurance in the form of quality assurance documentation and checklists for delivery to the client

1. Select “Categories”

Company template vs. project template

2. Company templates / 3. Project templates

The templates are shown at the top. Below are the project-specific categories. The categories are created in templates, subsequently press “Associate”, “Associate incl. templates” or “Associate all ”, depending on whether previously created templates are associated with the project. Creating categories in templates requires you to be an administrator

Understanding the setup

1. Subcontracting – At the top you may see the groups already created. These are the company´s global templates

2. Control type – here are various control types. The symbol with 3 dashes next to the assembly check indicates that this is a checklist. You click on the right mouse button to create a checklist

3. Checkpoints – here are all buildingparts which can also be made into checklists by clicking the right mouse button

4. Requirements – this point shows the requirements for the individual control plan

Create categories

1. To create a new category, press “Create new”

2. To create a control point for level 1, select the category under which the point is to be created

3. Press “Create new” to make a new point under that category


1. To create checklists, right-click on the desired category and click “Use / Remove as checklist”

2. Click here to open the supervision plan or inspection plan, and start editing it

3. The individual points can be corrected by pressing the boxes. This opens up to the possibility of editing the text in the boxes. When editing is complete, press the checkmark

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