Last modified: September 24, 2021

Creating a user

1. Go to the menu button from the Ajour login page. Click “Administration”

2. Choose an A, B or C license

3. E-mail, name and surname

4. Select or add a new company

4.a Job and phone are optional

5. Choose a role for the user. The role is a preselected set of permissions

6. Choose one or all projects – the selected role or project permissions are both available in the selected project 

7. Press “Choose standard role”

8. Press “Save”

An e-mail will be sent to the user with a ‘username’, ‘password’, and link to the system.

Other user options

Inside the menu, you will find other useful options such as reset password and show user log.

“Show user log” – This will show a log of every change that has happened to this specific user. This could be changes in permissions or licenses.

“Reset Password” – Will reset the user’s password and send the user an email with their new password.

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