Last modified: October 21, 2022

Creating a registration without drawing

To create a registration you need to make sure first that you have selected the right note type. You do this at the top of the screen. In the example, we have selected “Defect”

When the note type is selected, you may click the yellow “plus” icon down in the right-hand corner, this creates a new registration and will send you to the window where you can fill it out

Registration window

1. Select a group for the registration

2. Select contracts, work and control points

3. Write a detailed description of the registration by clicking the text field. Use the right-hand icon to insert previous texts

4. Make one or more photos or add one from the gallery

When you have finished filling out the registration, click “Back” to return to the drawing

OBS: You are not to save what you tipped, the app does it automatically. Now your data is offline on your unit, you need to synchronize your unit to store it on the Ajour server,  read the article on synchronization

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