Last modified: June 23, 2021

Create a registration on the iPad app

This guide will take you through creating a registration step by step.

After logging in and choosing your project, you will be on the project view. From here you will have to select the drawing(1) that you want to create a registration on or press the yellow “+“(2) button

NOTE: If you use the yellow “+” button, the registration will be created without a drawing connected to it.

When you have opened up the blueprint, simply press the location for your registration (1), this will add a yellow marker to the drawing and open up the menu items.

  1. This is the yellow marker that appears, when you add a registration marker to a drawing
  2. This will create the registration and open up the registration edit view
  3. This will allow you to place multiple markers for 1 registration. Use this if you wish to add this registration multiple places on the drawing.
  4. This will cancel the marker.

Pressing OK, will open up the registration view. From here you will have to fill out the information on the registration.

  1. Selected drawing and drawings available in current project folder, use this if you wish to change the drawing on the registration.
  2. Choose group
  3. Category groups 1, 2 and 3
  4. This is a checklist button. It will show on category groups, if a checklist is connected to that group.
  5. Here you can type a description for the registration, there is also a description history button on the right side, allowing you to add previous descriptions you wrote to this registration
  6. Add a photo to the registration and see the photos that are already connected to it

To add an image to the registration, click on the photo button (6). This will bring you to the camera view.

  1. The top icon will adjust the image brightness. The bottom icon will open up your photo gallery, allowing you to choose images, that you have already taken.
  2. This will close down the camera view again.
  3. This will take a picture.

When you have taken an image, you will be presented with more options to the left.

  1. Choose the color you wish to draw or type with
  2. Draw with freehand on the image
  3. Make a text area, so you can write on the image
  4. Creates a rectangle
  5. Undo your last action (your drawing, text, rectangle)
  6. Delete this photo
  7. Undo this photo (You will be able to take a new image right after)
  8. Save this photo

When you are done, simply save your photo and send this registration to the person, that has to check up on it.

Click on the yellow registration button, to open up the recipient window

  1. If you wish to save this recipient for future registrations, you can press the button “Remember recipient”. This will automatically add the same recipient to future registrations.
  2. This area will show all available recipient for the registration. Simply choose the person(s) you wish to send this to.
  3. When you are done, click “OK“. Your registration is now complete and you can press “Save” on the registration view.

Remember to synchronize your phone after creating registrations to receive updates.

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