Last modified: October 21, 2022

Change registration type on existing registration in App

  1. Find the registration that you want to aplly the changes on
    a. You can tap the drop-down menu and find the note type
  2. Press the arrow to the right to open the registration

3. The registration appears and you can then press the “More” button, to see more options.
Select “Note type” in the menu.

4. Select the Note Type the registration is to be switched to

5. Then you have to press “Change” in the menu that you see on the screen, and the registration type of the registration has now been changed.

6. The registration will now appear without a number in the left corner.
7. To give the registration a new number, synchronization is required.
Do that by pressing “Sync”.

8. The synchronization window opens and you can press “Synchronize” at the bottom of the screen.

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