Last modified: January 28, 2021

User administration in AjourContent

If you have lost the AjourObjects user administration website: click here.

Creating a new user

Navigate to the ‘Users’ menu point in the top menu bar and select ‘New user’

User, who has already been created, cannot be created again. If they cannot be seen in the list of the company┬┤s users, it is because they are at another company. Contact support in a case like this.

Roles for AjourObjects

User: Can download content from private cloud.

Administrator: Can download content to private cloud.

ManuGuest: Can access content from AjourObjects Manufacturers.

Roles AjourCollab

AOC_User: Can participate in AjourCollab projects to which people have been invited.

AOC_Admin: Can create, invite and participate in AjourCollab projects.

See below for an explanation of the different roles inside our Revit plugin

Roles in AjourContent Revit plugin

  1. User and administrator
  2. Administrator
  3. ManuGuest
  4. AOC_User and AOC_Admin

User status

If a user has not activated his account, it is indicated by the red cross. Please, resend the creation mail by clicking the mail icon.

Assign and remove licenses

Navigate to ‘Licenses’

On the licenses page, you will be shown an overview of your different assigned and unassigned licenses to users

To assign a license to a user on the list, you need to click the icon with the ‘green man’ icon with a plus next to it.

When you have pressed the assign license icon, you will be presented with the above image. Choose the user and click ‘Assign license’

If a user already has a license, they will not be shown on the list.

Extra license (Molio price data)

If you wish to add Molio price data, you need to press the “Extra license” button

Choose Molio in the list and log in with your Molio account.

AjourObjects Manufacturers

Under the flag “AjourManufacturers” you can manage whether the company should apply Manufacturers.


Under the flag “Downloads” you will find different links to plugins, AjourObjects as well as AjourQTO.

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