Last modified: January 28, 2021

Bidding on a tender

1. Click on the button “Tender/PQ” (= Pre-Qualification)

2. Select which contract you want to put a bid for. (The listed contracts visible to you are The contracts that you are invited to bid on. The project can contain more contracts that you are not invited to bid on)

3. Click on the button “Upload Tender/PQ

4. Fill out the field regarding disclaimer if you have any disclaimer regarding the project

5. Type your Total price – By default the prices are excl. VAT and in DKK. (Remember to add VAT if this is a requirement according to the tender details)

6. Upload your documentation for the contract – click the button “Click here to Upload your tender/PQ files

7. To end your bidding, click the “Upload Tender/PQ” button

You can delete / change your bid or documentation up until the deadline for the tender

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