Last modified: April 7, 2021

AjourFM on the iPad app

This guide will show you how to use AjourFM on the iPad app. To start off, you will have to access the sidebar navigation, to open the AjourFM module.

Now click on “AjourFM

FM will now open up, but you will have to synchronize before you can see the operational tasks assigned to your account.

After you have synchronized, you can open up a card to view its details.

  1. You can click on an operational task to open up the BD card.
  2. Activate the card, to perform operational tasks.
  3. Click here to view the information and documents on the BD card.
  1. Check this to complete the task.
  2. Click on the flag to add a comment and picture.
  3. Synchronize when you are done to send the changes to the web client, allowing your colleagues to keep up to date.

When clicking on the flag, a new bar will pop up that includes a description box and a photo button

  1. Write your comment or description of what you have done here.
  2. Add an image, showcasing the change.
  3. Press the “Add” button, to add this comment to the BD card.

NOTE: Remember to always synchronize when you are done making changes.

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