Last modified: January 28, 2021

AjourCollab getting started

The first thing you want to do is log-in to AjourCollab via this link

When you have logged in, you need to create a new project. Navigate to your (2) projects. You may find this under (1) Administration. From here you can press the (3) “+” button to create a new project

This will open up the project creation window. Simply fill in your project information and click the blue ‘Create’ button in the upper right-hand corner

Inside Revit

Open up Revit and the project you wish to connect with AjourCollab. Navigate to the AjourObjects ribbon where you will also find the ‘AjourCollab’ functions

Press the “Sync Project” button

When you press this button, a message pops up: “Your project file is not currently connected to AO Collaboration”. Press ‘OK’.

Subsequently, there will be a list of the projects to which you have access

From here you have to select the project on the list (1) and then press the (2) ‘Connect’ button

A dialogue box will pop up, simply press ‘Sync’

Another dialogue box will pop up, simply press ‘OK’ (This is where synchronization in the process quantity parameter is connected, whenever there are new quantity parameters in Revit)

Now there is the final setup. Here you also click ‘OK’. This setting only needs to be made in the first synchronization

Now the project is set up and synchronized

You are now ready to begin using AjourCollab

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