Last modified: February 10, 2021

Add receiver using AjourInspect on web

1. Select the type of registration

Once registrations are synchronized from the app, a receiver can be selected from the website. The gain here is that you may select multiple registrations addressed at one company and select a receiver for all registrations at once thereby saving time compared to having to find a receiver on the app for each individual registration. First, select wherein the construction in the top left corner

2. Select contractor. Click on “Category / List” and select the Contractor to which the registrations relate

3. Highlight the desired registrations, right-click and a window pops up, then click “Change receiver”

4. Here you can choose whether all registrations should change a receiver or only the selected ones

5. Click on the arrow next to “Company” and select the one connected to the registration

6. Here, all users of the company will be shown. Select one or more to receive the registration by clicking the box to the left of the user

7. When all desired receivers are selected, press “Save”

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