Last modified: October 20, 2020

Value list

There are to ways in AjourCollab where you can access value lists which are under the project and administration. 

Value lists, which are placed under administration, are company specific and may be found in Value list under project.  

Project specific value lists are set up and edited under project.   

Bear in mind that if administration is not visible in AjourCollab it is because you are not an administrator of the system.  

  1. Create value list 
  1. Delete value list 
    1. If you are unable to delete a value list, it is because it is a system value and because you are standing on a project and trying to do it. You need to navigate to system value list to delete the wanted value list.  
  1. Import value list from Excel.  
  1. Export one or more value lists to excel by ticking the box to the left of Name. 

Mark a value list for editing. Bear in mind that if edit, delete, order and create cannot be selected, it is because it is a system value list and, therefore, the list must be accessed from the administration.  

  1. Add  
  2. Edit value  
  3. Set a default value
  4. Set an order      
  5. Delete value 
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