Last modified: January 28, 2021

Follow-up of ongoing tender

To follow up on a tender in case you need to release new tender material, answer questions or release new corrections, you may follow this article.

1. If you are working on multiple tenders, it may be an advantage to set the filter to “Active” (2).

3. Press the “Show” button on the tender you would like to follow up on.

In order to get access to release new tender material, press “Menu” and then “Edit“.

The 7 flags from the creation of the tender are now shown again and you can switch to flag no. 6, Material.

Select which folder you wish to upload new tender material to and press the “Upload” button. The system has automatic revision/version management, and new versions, which are uploaded, are automatically given the next revision letter in the line and updated date. (The system recognizes the file name, therefore to make the revision management work, the file name needs to be the same always).

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